All business owners eventually hear about the hype of “SEO”. Is it something your business actually needs?

By the end of reading this article, you’ll know everything you need to know to be able to make a sound decision on implementing “SEO” into your business.

Keyword Research

Our team gets a feel for your competition locally & globally and researches the keywords that benefit your practice or business the most. We don’t like guesswork. We analyze everything so that we can target the people that are searching for the services your practice/business offers with “surgical” precision.

  • Use Google AMP

  • Responsive Website

  • Use ALT Attributes

We analyze and run data on your site to identify the starting point. At this point, we may also highly recommend a website update/rebuild to meet Google’s strict standards of mobile-first design, asset server calls, page load speed, crawlability, and usefulness metrics. If you’re not looking to beef up the website, then we typically recommend you start with one of our other services, because having you invest in SEO growth when your website isn’t up to par, is like throwing your dollars into a bonfire on a cold night, you think it’ll help but it won’t. Our success rate is very high with SEO rankings and for this reason, we know how best to advise you and your business.

Learn From Google Analytics

We optimize the SEO campaign, your website, & content using industry-standard tools and data-driven metrics. Monthly reporting is then sent to your inbox so that you can see the work we’ve accomplished. You can also log in to our client dashboard to see your directory listings and site analytics in real-time.